Our range of Demountable Office Partitions offer numerous advantages and offer versatility for your workplace.

Contact us for stylish partitions to create productive work environments.

Our full range of partitions can be customised to your requirements.

Options include:
• Demountable and Relocatable
• Glass Partitioning
• Painted Partitions

Office Partitions

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“We Just want to say a big thank you to you from the Staff and Students of Glasshouse Country Christian College for the quality demountable partitions you provided and installed in our Learning Enhancement buildings. 
They have truly made that space a much more productive environment for students and staff to work in.
We experienced no disruptions in the classrooms as you worked with us and installed our new partitions in the school holidays.  End result – Quality Product that looks great, happy students and happy staff.
I have no hesitation in recommending Office Screens to anyone looking to transform their classrooms or office space. Thanks again for making this happen as promised.”
John Dohler – Business Manager, Glasshouse Country Christian College

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